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Young Bulls - Lots 1-30
There are bulls in this sale that will offer something for farmers with just about any need. We have bulls who will add meat and power. We have bulls who will add milk and help with calving ease. Most of them offer an outstanding combination of both. Many of the bulls in this sale rank in the top 5% of the breed in one or more performance, carcass, or $Value EPD category. The entire group averages in the top 20% in Milk and top 25% in YW. Some of the best to look for are the Grid Makers and the New Design 208s.

There are 13 GAR Grid Maker (left) Calves in this year's sale. These bulls offer an excellent opportunity for the registered or the commercial breeder. The entire Grid Maker group averages in the top 10% in the breed in Yearling Weight, Weaning Weight, and $Beef EPD's. We are very high on N163 in Lot number 1 (right). He had the highest growth and he will add power and meat to your herd. We think he is a very special bull with huge potential.


Calving Ease and birth weight are always important. Our Bon View New Design 208 calves offer the best of these traits and combine them with explosive growth! Our 3 BNVD calves average in the top 5% in the breed for BW EPD and top 15% for Milk EPD. N003 selling at Lot 2 (left) is perhaps the best bull in the sale. His birth weight is in the top 1% of the breed, yet he out gained all but N163 who sells in lot 1. N003 is one of the best bulls we have ever offered, and he is the owner favorite!


Again, these bulls need to be grown out - they are to young to breed. We will do this for you at $1.75 per day until you are ready for delivery. When mature, we hope each one will offer years of high performance and incredible value to your herd.